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The Raven- Free Cross-Stitch Pattern

Whether Hugin and Munin from Norse Mythology, or the classic poem by Mr Poe, I have a bit of an obsession with ravens! So I just had to create this Raven Free Cross Stitch Pattern. These remarkable, intelligent creatures often symbolise wisdom, love, healing, and even death. For this reason some fear ravens, but death can mean the end of a troubling time for example.

I’ve tried many different paths over the years, many before the internet made things easier (showing my age there). But things didn’t take off until I had an idea that just wouldn’t get out of my head. A Celtic knot Raven, well two ravens facing each other in copper on brown. The idea would not go until I did something about it.

Copper Raven Painting
Copper Raven Painting
raven enamel pin
My first enamel pin!

History of This Design

I’d been painting and studying knotwork for a few years when the idea struck. I was creating paintings to give away on my then Twitch creative stream. Honestly, I always felt like a fraud when it came to being an artist and always hesitated to even call myself one, even though I was making money through my art. I think I always felt this because I did the biggest mistake an artist could ever do, I compared myself to others. When I created this raven, it was tough. I kept thinking ‘a proper artist wouldn’t struggle so much with this’. I’d spent hours trying to get the shape and knotwork right and ended up crying out of frustration with it. But couldn’t give up because I knew the idea wouldn’t leave me alone until I did it.

Well, in the end it was all worth it! The recipient of the painting loved it. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I had also created a design that changed my path. Once finished, I kept looking at the painting imagining a shiny copper coloured enamel pin. So, my adventure into enamel pin design started. The raven became my biggest seller, my branding and now in it’s latest guise- this FREE cross-stitch pattern!

Raven Free Cross Stitch Pattern Design

As mentioned earlier, I have tried a variety of things to make a living, and my first attempt was as a cross-stitch designer. I had been stitching myself since I was around 7/8 years old and started designing when I was 9. So, here I was (many years later) with lots of designs for pins that were just sitting on my pc. I thought why not repurpose them by converting them to cross-stitch patterns!

Whenever possible in my designs I try to keep them as simple as possible. Preferring to use whole stitches, no fractionals or backstitch, with a limited colour palette, I like to think this makes my designs accessible to everyone regardless of skill level. I soon found out with this raven pattern though, that to get the style I wanted fractional stitches were required. I converted the entire design using just two colours, but when it came to actually stitching the pattern the fabric I was using was so gorgeous that when I tried to add the black to me it just wasn’t necessary- but it might be on a different fabric so I have left the pattern with both colours for you to choose.

Free raven cross stitch pattern
Free Raven Cross-Stitch Pattern

Recommended Fabric

The fabric I used couldn’t of been more perfect for this design. Hand dyed, 32hpi linen in ‘Gothic’ by Sparklies (no affiliate, I just love them!), in rich deep purple had just the atmosphere I was looking for. Kate, who runs Sparklies also happens to be extremely lovely and helpful if you have any questions. As it it 32 count I stitched over two threads and this made the fractional stitches a breeze (life is too short to attempt fractionals on Aida).

If you stitch this piece I’d love to see what you do with it. Please feel free to tag me in your Instagram posts!

To access the pattern, just click the button below to download the Free PDF.

Happy Stitching,
Karen x

Legal Stuff

I hope you enjoy this pattern. As always if you know someone you think would like this design, please direct them to this page. The copyright is for personal use only. Sharing, altering or reproducing this pattern is not allowed for either personal or commercial use.