pebble beach on a sunny day


Hi there and welcome to my shiny new blog! I thought I’d use this post to introduce myself and explain what this blog is about.

As you’ve probably guessed my name is Karen (though I’ve never asked to see a manager) and I consider myself an artist, designer and multi-crafter…pretty much if there’s a way to create something, I’ll give it a go. I will try any craft, but ones I often go back to include: drawing, cross-stitch, pyrography, knitting and crochet.

I’m originally from London, England, but now live on the south coast with my partner of 24 years, Tony and our 13 year old, naughty tortie cat Lillybel. We live a very unconventional life and despite both now being in our 40’s it sometimes feel like we are still teenagers. We are childfree and both night owls, Tony is a gamer and works as a Twitch Streamer and Youtube creator and that has enabled us to live together for the last 5 years. That’s why I believe in taking calculated risks, because it can lead to amazing things and be life changing.

Karen and Tony with masks on
Me and Tony waiting for Nando’s wearing face masks.

How I Got Into Arts and Crafts

I grew up with creativity, it was kind of a lifesaver really as I have had multiple health problems throughout my life, including Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and heavy metal poisoning. Instead of running, swimming, riding a bike etc., I learnt to draw, stitch, knit and generally develop a lifelong passion for creating. My mum is also a crafter and I would often watch and be inspired by her knitting and stitching, in fact she taught me how to knit when I was 5. Our home was always filled with handmade things and if ever I was stuck for ideas I just needed to look around to be inspired.

My passion then turned into my work when I left 6th form. I had tried going out to work but again, health made it difficult, so really I’ve spent the last 22 years trying to make money from my art and crafts in various different ways, from cross-stitch and painting to enamel pins which has been my focus for the last 3 years.

This Blog

So, this blog is sort of going to be a culmination of all the creative things I enjoy, with latest projects, free patterns and tutorials, past makes, reviews and anything else I can think of, sprinkled with bits about life on the coast, living an unconventional life and most likely cat pictures. There will also be an occasional video from my Youtube channel.

sleepy cat
Lillybel our fur-baby

My Inspiration

I’ve always been quite an eclectic person, a mix of Goth, hippie, witchy, occult and nerd and these heavily influence my work, along with my fascination of ancient cultures and nature. For a while my main focus was Celtic knotwork, which still play a big part in my designs and nearly all of my enamel pins have some form of knotwork and/or Norse mythology influence.

Strangely, summer is my favourite season, but Halloween will always be my favourite and most inspirational occasion- it’s also the time of year that I tend to buy makeup, jewellery and home décor!

pebble beach on a sunny day
Living by the coast is very inspirational

Anyway, welcome to the blog and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Use the menu at the top to find the free stuff, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions etc. and I’d love to see you on Instagram too, use the link at the top of the page and say hello!

Peace and Love <3

Karen x